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Thursday, April 28, 2011

my ideal world

Hi! When today I say about my perfect world, in this you can to find people smiling and happy because the social problem don’t exist, the people job in what they want and the hours of job are a few in compared with the hours for free time therefore the people can have most time with their families.

 This point is important because in my society the most important are the families, this maybe be unmarried and can be heterosexual or homosexual given that the exclusion and discrimination are words that don’t be accept for the people and for my society.

In my utopia the human relationships will be given always with tolerance, but especially with respect, for this to happen in my ideal word exist an education where the children learn more than useless formulas of mathematics or scientific analysis they learn, they learn how to relate with others persons but mainly values

But unfortunately my utopia can never be real because the people argue silly sting and the harmony, respect and tolerance not in out society  


  1. I'm so agree with you, because I think the family in our society es very important as well like the respect to everybody.

  2. I think the same of you about the famili, it's very important for the develop of the people.
    I invite you to visit my blogg :)
    see you.

  3. Pancho, I don't see the last post here and time's out now ...