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Thursday, April 21, 2011

a useful web site

This web site is my favorite for the easy that it surfs in it and I consider the more usefulness for my career because in this page I can have a solid foundation for my future studies, tests exposition and work, thus to show that the thesis of work or the politics publics that I will be applied they have support.

 In this page you can to find statistic study about consumption for the people, economic indicator and studies related with tourism, demography, and others fields and the other hand you can see how the organization is structured, witch are the objectives and how it want meets this objectives.

For sincere I view this page only when I need “information hard” in others word when I need statistic information or studies statistic to corroborate  that it is true what I am saying or exposing and thus I have greater accuracy.


  1. wow IT'S A INTERESTING WEBSITE, I VISIT EVERY DAY TOO. I love estadistic :) jajaja
    se you pancho.

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  3. I dont like math and estadistic.. because is very dificultt to me but I think is a good webside for our career ... See you .. Take care :)

  4. I like this website, because it has a lot of information about estadistics, which are usefull to analyze and make conclusions about some policies. The bad thing is that some estadistics do not have credibility for the people.