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Saturday, April 9, 2011

along of our lives we had to read many books  some for obligation others for likes, i remember a great book that read in my school life it was "mi planta de naranja lima" that this book tells the story of a child that fight against that poor and injustice, for overcome this he must sacrifice his childhood, this book mark to me and it was the best book that I read in school life.
I remember also other good book but I read this book because I wanted its title is “lobo estepario” and tell the story of a man harry hesse, he has two personalities, one in wich a normal person but another where he shows his instincts less accepted by society, this novel is fantastic by the way it is told and metaphors that have. This is my book favorite, I recommend it  

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  1. You should say This is MY FAVORITE BOOK, that's the right order.

    I like Hesse, he's my favorite writer.

    Nice blog.